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How we started

Committed to providing the best underwater service possible in the South Sound since 2006!

About The Company
We're the South Sound's most trusted dive service!

Since 2005, Dave Dye has operated the South Sound's most trusted dive service. Following Dave's retirement in 2020, Christopher Freeland took over the business with 16 years of dive experience. But let's rewind a bit to Christopher's beginnings.

Before embarking on his journey with Dave’s Dive Services, Christopher Freeland's deep-sea odyssey began at the esteemed Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, where he honed his skills in Class 101-13. Venturing into the depths of the Gulf of Mexico, along with exhilarating expeditions to Guam and Fiji, Christopher immersed himself in offshore work.

However, as winter cast its icy grip, the tides of opportunity led him back home. Serendipitously stumbling upon an advertisement for divers at Dave’s Dive Services, Christopher dove headfirst into an interview. Enthralled by Dave’s steadfast motto, exemplary work practices, and the expansive scope of operations, he eagerly seized the opportunity to become part of the team. Starting from the seabed and ascending through the ranks, Christopher's dedication has been integral to upholding the sterling reputation of Dave's Dive Services.

From meticulous hull cleanings to bespoke boat maintenance, he ensures unparalleled quality and reliability. Since joining in 2016, Christopher has not only excelled as a foreman but also served as a mentor, educator, and advocate for aspiring divers. With boundless enthusiasm, he looks forward to broadening the company's service offerings and welcoming more South Sound boat owners into the fold.

Anchored by a commitment to excellence, the Dave's Dive Services team stands as the go-to choice for underwater maintenance and repair, spanning the nautical expanse from Port Orchard and Gig Harbor to Olympia and Des Moines.

Dive in with us and discover why we're the Pacific Northwest's premier destination for expert dive services.

Dave Dye

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